Appreciation of Works by Ukraine Ceramist Yuriy Musatov in the 9th China Changchun International Ceramics Symposiums.
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WorkⅠ<Portrait of an Artist in a Medical Mask>


Concept:“Portrait of an Artist in a Medical Mask’ is a grotesque composition the way to escape the negative pressure caused by the virus. Should art be serious? I present my works in a comic, sarcastic way. Even such a modern world with such modern technology could not cope with the situation.

Work Ⅱ <Portrait of the artist. Transformation>

Size34×25×17 cm

ConceptThis sculpture shows the inner experiences of the author against the background of global change.

Work Ⅲ<Angel>

Size34×25×17 cm

ConceptAccording to ancient Chinese legend. Chinese civilization began with the arrival of the White God Juan Di in a heavenly chariot. He gave them a calendar and writing, he taught the hieroglyphs. The work of Angel is my attempt about how white gods from ancient myths and legends could look like.