Appreciation of Works by Ukraine Ceramicist Hanna Kyselovain the 9th China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium
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Work Ⅰ<Twins>


IntroductionI guess to сreate this sculpture at a symposium. The artist’s favorite topic ‘Motherhood’ is taken from my own life - I have two children. The sculpture may be as a fountain (a stream of water flows from the mother’s chest into the mouth of children), but there may also be a ‘dry’ version of the sculpture. The sculpture expresses the state of happiness of the mother, who gives everything to small children - care, love, food, time, energy - and at the same time does not feel any displeasure from this difficult work - she is happy to give. And the children are happy to take the resources they need and grow in joy. The height of this sculpture is 55 cm. At the symposium I would like to make a model from chamotte clay above 100 centimeters.





IntroductionThe relief shows the action that takes place with two moving, sensing and thinking forms, which suddenly find each other in the labirint of time and space, among many others, to connect with body and breath, energy and soul, and to grow together. The flow of energies from Yin to Yang and vice versa, rhythms, sounds, soul fusion inspired the artist to be embodied both in three-dimensional and in poetic form - a verse was added to the sculpture - the three-part hokku in the tradition of Chinese and Japanese poetry.



Work Ⅲ<Energy of Quietude>


IntroductionSculpture is conceived as art object, that carries developing function for a person - to exercise the right attitude to the Nature and the Elements.The art object depicts a man and a woman in a state of complete rest (sleep) and their awaken child (a symbol of an active mind and future). The sculpture contains the primary beauty purified from gloss and makeup, trendy clothes and modern devices. The beauty of grass and trees, water and stones are connecting with the beauty of human bodies, forming a general holistic. Energy that can do wonders. This energy of quietude is contrasted with the chaotic movement of life around and, according to the author, is the only one that can harmonise disconnected and separated particles of human existence.