Appreciation of Works by China Ceramicist Wang Shengli the 9th China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium
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Work Ⅰ<Breaking Dawn of the Shrine>

Size 55×38×40 cm

IntroductionThe rolling waters of the Yan River and the lofty Pagoda Mountain. The work represents the scenery of Yan'an, the holy land of the revolution, and reveals the great journey and glorious achievements of the Chinese Revolution.



WorkⅡ < Listening to the Mountain Spring>

Size54×27×70 cm

IntroductionOn the cliff face, a clear stream of water cascades down, running like the flowing years.



WorkⅢ < The Wider the Bank, the Deeper the Water >


IntroductionI have transplanted the expressive techniques of traditional Chinese landscape painting into the creation of pottery. Converting two-dimensional landscape paintings into three-dimensional landscape pottery sculptures and presenting them in a contemporary concept, thus forming a new style of pottery. This work represents the view of the bay after the first snowfall. The bright snowy peaks and the reflections in the water present a quiet and peaceful mood.