Appreciation of Works by China Ceramicist Zhou Yaqing the 9th China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium.
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Appreciation of Works by China Ceramicist Zhou Yaqing the 9th China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium

Work Ⅰ: The beauty of the peach     

Size:28×28×10cm (a set of three)

Introduction: The Chinese poem says‘The beauty of the peach. There is nothing more pretty than the curves of a woman's body’ The work uses the pink colour of the peach blossom as the skin tone of the woman's body. The work compares the disc to a flower and uses abstract and simple lines to outline a woman's body, showing a sense of beauty.


WorkⅡ:  Unity    

Size:  27×35×10cm (a set of five)

Introduction: The Chinese poem says ‘the way of architecture is the unity of heaven and man’. The formatted architecture of a thousand cities often overlooks the sense of humanity. The work combines the intentional human face with classical architectural elements, expressing the desired concept of humanistic architecture. The element of the ‘ladder’ expresses the idea of leading, it also implies finding peace in walking.


WorkⅢ: Life

Size: 27×15×38cm

Introduction: The Chinese poem says ‘The softest in the world is also the strongest in the world.’ ‘A woman is weak but a mother is strong.’ Women are the carriers of life. The work takes the female hip as the origin of the design, combined with the antlers, a symbol of longevity, to show the endlessness of life.