Marko Galenko
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Marko Galenko is a very well-known ceramist and sculptor in Ukraine. He graduated from the Art Department of Odessa National Normal University in his early years. With years of teaching and creation, he has formed his unique creative technique and artistic style. He is good at combining realism and romanticism and creating vivid and distinctive artistic images based on real-life character prototypes (such as the works Nadasha and Sleigh), historical legends (Slavs), or mythological stories (Bagus Flyer and Fish in Love). His works have participated in numerous exhibitions or competitions at home and abroad, and have won the highest national award in Ukraine.

Marko Galenko is an artist that Changchun people like very much. He has been invited twice to create works in Changchun. He is kind, friendly, witty, and humorous and it is easy to make friends with him in short time. He has been working on ceramics in a meticulous and diligent way. He often works alone his studio till very late, with his sleeves pulled up and a towel for wiping his sweat on his shoulders.