Appreciation of Works by China Ceramicist Shen Jun in the 9th China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium
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Work Ⅰ<Tai Chi>


IntroductionTaiji was created by Chen Wangting in the late Ming Dynasty. In the 1960s, Hong Junsheng improved it into the 81 style practical Taiji which is currently used. In this work, the ceramist uses exaggeration to create a pair of cute, chubby practitioners. The work is made of raw ore purple sand mud, which makes it very collectible.



Work Ⅱ<Cuju>


IntroductionWay back in the Han Dynasty (BC 202- AD 220), Cuju was already existed (Chinese ancient football). The ceramist uses the image of an ancient Chinese matchmaker to create facial expressions, which is hilarious. The style is simple and elegant, it is made of coarse purple sand. The ceramist is also trying to encourage people to do more exercises through this work.



Work Ⅲ< Chinese Doll of Eight Section Brocade of Dharma Yi Jin>


IntroductionDharma Yijin Baduanjin is a fitness Qigong that has eight movements. The ceramist uses the image of a chubby Chinese boy to form his work, although the boy looks a little clumsy, he is also very cute. His cloth pattern looks simple but neat, not only it fits Chinese people’s aesthetics, it is also a way of carrying forward the traditional Chinese culture.