Appreciation of Works by Cameroonian Ceramicist Djakou Kassi Nathalie the 9th China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium
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Work Ⅰ:<Twins>


Introduction:The title of this work is 'Twins'. I was inspired by the mysterious life of the twins around me. In some African countries,

 twins are rare and it is believed that they have special powers. In my country, Cameroon, my tribe always celebrates the day twins are born.



WorkⅡ:<Success Story>


Introduction:This work features a woman and three books. I believe the keys to success are awakening,

 doing well for yourself and inspiring others. When a woman is successful, she influences many people. 

And I think that having successful people, especially having more successful women, will make humanity develop better.  



WorkⅢ:<Old Friends>

Size:16×16×25cm 13×13×20cm 13×13×20cm

Introduction:This work entitled ‘Old Friends’, is made up of three folded vessels. 

The folded from of the vessels symbolises old age, and the three vessels symbolises

 three good friends who grew up together, a friendship that lasts even stronger than before.